10/5/2011: Think different.

10/20/2010: IT'S HERE! MAJOR LEAGUE KICKBALL 2010 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! Click here to download it now! You can watch the gameplay trailer below or click here to view the MLKB page for more info!

10/14/2010: Hurry up and wait! Major League Kickball 2010 is still being reviewed by Apple. Any day now it will be available on the App Store! Stay tuned!

10/1/2010: Announcing One South Design's newest app, Major League Kickball 2010!

We just had our Launch/Announcement Party last night at the Greene Turtle in Frederick. Awesome event, great reception, this will be big! MLKB2010 is a the first of it's kind; a fully interactive kickball video game! Check out the announcement trailer here. We'll keep updating with new information and let everyone know when it's available on the iTunes App Store for purchase in the middle of this month.

09/29/2010: Big news coming after this Friday! Our next big project is about to be revealed, hold on to your butts!

07/18/2010: BYAAH!! The Berserker contest is now over and the winner has received their prize. Good news is our newest app is available for download on the iTunes Store! Check it out here! Stay tuned for big breaking news to come soon on our latest project!

01/23/2010: A brand new Berserker Contest is now open! This is your chance to win a FREE iPod!! For rules and registration procedures to enter the contest please see the contest page here. Have fun storming the castle!

01/17/2010: The Berserker trailer is up! You can view the trailer from our app page .m4v format or you can view it on youtube at the link:

In other news the lite version of the game has been submitted to iTunes and will hopefully be available soon!

01/03/2010: The site is now fully up and running. On the horizon we have a free demo version of Berserker coming up so every can confirm how great of a game it is before they drop their money on it :-) We'll have more information on that as it becomes available. Also we will hopefully have a gameplay video posted to this site shortly to showcase the game.

Also something to look out for is the Touch Arcade Message board contest where you could win a an iTunes Gift Certificate if you can beat our best score in Berserker! Check out the post here to find out how to participate.

12/29/2009: Berserker is released! After a great deal of work Berserker has finally been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Berserker is a Puzzle-Action game that challenges a players to destroy enemy armies using their wits. Our website is still underconstruction but you scan now visit the Berserker Apps page where you can read about the game, and view sceenshots. Soon we will be creating a video to show case the game.