Major League Kickball 2010
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Introducing Major League Kickball 2010, the world's first official kickball video game! Play it now and be a part of history in the making! A portion of sales for each download will be donated to supporting pediatric cancer charities.

Major League Kickball 2010 offers truly interactive kicking, pitching and fielding gameplay using actual touchscreen controls and actions instead of on-screen buttons and joysticks, providing for a unique and engaging experience every time!

Swiping the screen puts all the kick control in your hands! Each swipe is unique and determines the direction, speed and power of your kick!

Control the speed, accuracy, and direction of every pitch! Select from multiple types of pitches and then swipe the screen to trace the path of each pitch. Computer opponents will also intelligently adapt to your play style to keep the game challenging and new each time you pick it up!

On offense, control the speed of your base runners and slide to avoid tag outs! On Defense, touch the screen to throw the ball between bases and trace double plays and triple plays!

Many of us remember kickball from the schoolyard but in recent years it has made a huge resurgence due to its mass appeal and popularity. Now the game we all know and love has finally made it in to the major leagues! Find out more by visiting and start showing support for your favorite teams and players. Major League Kickball 2010 offers full season/league mode gameplay, as well as exhibition mode and home run derby. Pick your favorite team and play for the national championship or try to beat your home run high score!!


  • 8 Different Teams
  • Season & League Play
  • Exhibition Play
  • Home Run Derby
  • Interactive Kicking, Pitching & Fielding
  • Hidden Unlockable Team
  • Retina Display Support
  • iPad Version Available

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