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It's not match three!

Berserker is a puzzle/strategy action game that uses solitaire style gameplay to challenge players in a quick-paced battle to the death!

In this game of wits you must stand against round after round of incoming enemy armies. To complete each round you must battle and destroy a set number of enemies before the rest of the army will flee - clearing your way to the next round. Enemies are represented by SHIELDS. to destroy a SHIELD you must TOUCH one with a number consecutively higher or lower than the number currently represented on the BANNER. The numbers 13 and 1 can be played consecutively. After you destroy the required number of enemies you must clear the board, or run out of time, to progress to the next round. There are 10 rounds with a 3 minute time limit for each. The game ends when the player runs out of HEALTH or fails to destroy enough SHIELDS within the time limit.

You are the leader of the viking clan ORN SVELD - a group of elite warriors called BERSERKERS, known for their legendary rage on the battlefield. Under a banner of truce, KING SVART called for a great celebration to declare peace between your clan and the kingdom of BRUIN. However, SVART betrayed your people, and poisoned the wine served at the feast with diocane powder. As luck would have it, you had spent the last few years building up an immunity to diocane powder. As you awaken the following day, SVART's deception has become clear. The time for revenge has come. You take to your ship and make your way to the stronghold of KING SVART.

Have fun storming the castle!


  • 4 challenging modes of original gameplay including 2 player versus mode!
  • Online and offline leader boards.
  • 15 trophies and other achievements to unlock.
  • Instant game saving so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Interactive in-game manual.
  • Vibrant, colorful artwork.
  • Fight your way through beaches, grasslands, villages and finally the stronghold of your enemy!
  • Multiple ways to fight your opponent including War horns and powerful Berserker attacks!
  • Hours of dynamic, addictive gameplay!
  • In depth scoring system makes this game easy to pickup, but difficult to master!

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